Exploring patient experiences with prostate cancer and BPH

Prostate Cancer UK are most known for their work with Prostate Cancer but do support patients with benign prostatic conditions such as BPH, prostatitis etc.

Given this was a relatively new support area for the charity, research was commissioned to explore the patient pathways of men with both BPH and prostatitis, exploring all aspects of their condition, whether they had sought any help or treatment and the experiences of this group with both HCPs and treatments recommended.


To understand more about men suffering with benign prostatic conditions. What are their experiences of their disease, motivation to seek or not seek help or treatment, and their experiences with the varying HCPs.


Both a qualitative and quantitative investigation was adopted for this research project which took the form of face to face depth interviews with sufferers of a range of benign prostatic conditions, followed by a large scale online study with the same group of patients.


The research imparted valuable knowledge to the Prostate Cancer UK team regarding a group of patients less familiar to themselves and provided information and support for their campaign materials and direction upon what channels to use to access these patients.

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Depth Interviews, Face To Face Research, Online Survey
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