Epilepsy Action Brand Research

Epilepsy Action is a charity on a mission to fight to improve the lives of everyone affected by epilepsy. With a belief that their brand is held in high esteem across many audiences, Epilepsy Action commissioned Turquoise to conduct market research into the perceptions of their brand with a view to engaging different groups with their work and increase awareness, particularly with younger age groups.


  • To explore the awareness and knowledge of the charity including it’s core role and service provision
  • To compare perceptions of Epilepsy Action with other epilepsy support organisations
  • To ascertain the expectation of different audiences in relation to product/service development
  • To understand possible future brand extensions, develop key messaging and optimise communication style


A quantitative approach to this market research was taken, along with an additional round of qualitative depth interviews to supplement and enrich the findings.  A total of 985 respondents were sourced from 3 different panels along with a supplementary subsample of Epilepsy Action supporters. These were emailed directly by Epilepsy Action themselves to ask them to participate in the research.


The research provided a number of key insights for Epilepsy Action. The charity was viewed very positively overall with strong associations with the words ‘supportive’ and ‘passionate’. Key in the Epilepsy Action offering is the information and advice and support it provides to those with epilepsy and their families, with the helpline being highly valued as a much trusted and utilised tool.

Looking to future services and brand development, Turquoise were able to advise on ways to better engage with younger age groups, the importance of growing the local presence, HCP signposting, and increasing the use of social media to raise the charity’s profile, all with a view to becoming the ‘go-to’ epilepsy charity.


Charity, Depth Interviews, Online Survey
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