A new era in employee engagement analysis

Turquoise Game Changer has been successfully deployed to understand the experiences of hundreds of thousands of customers, as they interact with products, services and businesses. This has provided organisations with actionable insights resulting in tangible and measurable change and improvement. We utilise a blend of next-generation text analytics software alongside human analysis, to establish keywords and themes from any number of text based comments from virtually any source. These comments can then be looked at through various lenses to interpret emotion and to highlight improvement opportunities.

The same Game Changer technology is now being leveraged to analyse staff experience, giving CEO’s, department heads and managers a far better vantage point to tackle the question of how to improve employee engagement.

Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.
Richard Branson

Your staff are the driving force behind any business. Many of the world’s most respected leadership gurus and thought leaders would agree, that unless your staff are happy in their work, then no matter how hard you try to improve the customer experience, or indeed any other area within the business, you will struggle.

What’s more, while customer insights are useful for pin-pointing certain issues, they are only ever able to see part of the problem, over a short time period. Your staff however, are immersed within the business, and have to see, feel, live and deal with any concerns every single day.

So how can Game Changer from Turquoise be used as a research tool to improve employee engagement?

Finding the problem is easy

It is actually relatively easy to identify a problem within an organisation. There are a number of software options on the market that help you to uncover issues with staff experience and they provide genuinely helpful dashboards and useful features like bench-marking and tracking.

What is harder to identify, and what you really need to understand, is why there is an issue.

The challenge with analysing staff experience, however, is that, typically, organisations have asked staff quantitative questions – to get a score out of ten for instance. When you ask a question, and get a quantitative score, this score does not tell you why, and does not allow you to put in place anything to improve the situation.

It’s impossible to establish the source of frustrations or concerns with quantitative data analysis because numbers do not tell you why.

Stop frustrating your staff

It’s all too common for staff to become frustrated when they get asked a bunch of tick box questions with no opportunity to say what they actually feel. The only way you can understand those intangibles and stand a chance of reading between the lines, is to ask the open questions that will give you qualitative answers.

A research tool that goes deeper

Our analysts at Turquoise use Game Changer to deal with any volume of qualitative, narrative data, at a scale. This has never before been achievable by man-power alone, and the results really are breath taking. The depth of insight delivered is more granular, more accurate and more actionable than ever previously thought possible.

7 Game Changing benefits

  1. Better informed management = better decisions
  2. Improving culture = less staff turnover
  3. Engaged employees = higher productivity
  4. Better systems & processes = better efficiency
  5. Improved products & services = more sales
  6. Happy employees = happy clients
  7. Happy clients = happy shareholders

These screen shots of the Game Changer dashboard above show you how staff experience data can be viewed through our ‘Staff Experience lens’, ‘Leadership & Management lens’ and the ‘Yes, But’ finder tool.

All dashboards are tailored specifically to each organisation. This is not an ‘off the shelf’ package, which means we can determine the exact themes, and trends you’d like to investigate, and cross-tabulate the data by department or site for example. You can even drill right down into the verbatim comments themselves, allowing you to get to the heart of any problem or anything worthy of commendation.

Game Changer is is not your typical set of top-level engagement charts and graphs or a ‘go-to’ deck of vanity metrics. No, this is a tool for those with a vested interest in the well-being of their staff members, who ultimately care about each individual, and recognise the value that can permeate throughout the whole business, once staff experience is decisively addressed.

The possibilities are limitless and the outcomes are always built around a clear set of objectives. Namely, understanding how your staff really think and feel about where they work and who they work for, and learning why this is and how it can be improved.

For a comprehensive demonstration of Game Changer for employee engagement please do get in touch.