Using market research to win new business

New business is the life-blood of any company, and as a small but perfectly formed market research agency, Turquoise is no exception. We love the work we do and the relationships we continue to build with our loyal client base. In fact, recently we’ve enjoyed conducting research for a whole host of new projects in utilities, skills, education and financial services and we’re often seen by clients as part of the fabric of the business.

This company news update however, is about highlighting and celebrating several new client acquisitions over the past months. These have come about via a mixture of referrals and recommendations, but are also the fruit of some major improvements we’ve made to the way we communicate the Turquoise brand and values online.

Using market research to break through the noise

With an increasingly saturated digital landscape, it can be hard to break through the noise with a punchy clarity that is required in the modern-day marketing arena. As Turquoise attempts to establish itself online as a “highly experienced, cross-sector, full-service market research company”, we are up against the very same issues as you – the clients we help.

Our market research tools and techniques are called upon by firms who want to get their message heard by the right audience, through the best channels resulting in the highest engagement and conversion. We tackle this head-on with a range of market research approaches including:

  • System DNA communication development
  • Qualitative ad concept and marketing development
  • Quantitative comms testing looking at message cut through, recall and impact
  • Pre and post campaign studies
  • Advertising awareness and tracking
  • Game Changer used to analyse comments and reviews at scale

Recent new business for Turquoise

A big part of Turquoise’ experience is in people watching. All the interactions that people have influence how they behave, whether that’s with their bank, consumer goods, healthcare or utilities. That’s why we never limit our research to just one or two industries, and means our clients benefit from the learnings we apply across multiple sectors.
Mark HarveyJoint Managing Director

In the past few months, we’ve partnered with the following brand-new clients, conducting market research in the retail, charity, education, and local government sectors. Our thirty years of cross-sector experience is often favoured at the pitch stage, as we bring learnings from other industries to help add more colour and insight to each market research project.

  • Naturalmat: Understanding current purchasers and how to increase sales
  • Swansea University: Ad testing and brand positioning for the latest recruitment campaign
  • University of East London: How to improve current university acceptance rates
  • Learn Devon: Exploring the best marketing approaches to reach target groups
  • Libraries Unlimited: How to retain and attract more library users
  • National Trust: Visitor experience survey to test the impact of renovation works
  • Devon Home Link: Improving sales and marketing messaging

If your company would benefit from our recent experience in helping firms to stay ahead with their customer understanding, sales and marketing, then do get in touch. We’d be delighted to speak to you.