International Student Recruitment Market Research

Following a previous research study conducted by Turquoise, Swansea University engaged with us again to further understand its international students in order to develop an appropriate recruitment marketing campaign. Research was required across one of its primary international markets, India.

Research Objectives

  • Perception of the University with prospective Indian students, influencers, agents, educators, and parents
  • Breakdown of perceptions from each market with recommendations for campaign direction
  • Test the current campaign with prospective students and influencers
  • Provide insights on campaign imagery, messaging, strap lines etc.

Research Methodology

An initial qualitative research phase was conducted with the target audience. Results from these focus groups were used to inform revisions to the recruitment marketing campaign.

The revised concepts were then quantitatively explored with a robust sample of prospective undergraduate students across India.

In total 400 online quantitative surveys were completed across India. 200 were in their final school year before university and 200 were in their penultimate school year. All were aged 16-18 years old.

Research Outcomes

All marketing campaign concepts performed well with one coming out slightly on top. Positively, there was a high consideration of Swansea after seeing the concepts with 86% of the target audience saying they would now consider Swansea University.

The winning concept was the one that most strongly aligned with with offering quality education and having a long and respected heritage. But also visually conveys that students at Swansea are friendly and that there is a good student community. It was seen to have the most effective message overall and made a high proportion of students want to find out more.

Various insights into refinements for the recruitment campaign were achieved, including direction on the type of imagery and how to communicate more of the qualities that students are looking for in a degree course and university experience.

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