Researching Gas Network Industry Challenges

The drive to net zero means a fundamental shift for energy businesses. Transitioning towards net zero, while maintaining a reliable and affordable natural gas network means the workforce is being confronted by a variety of new and evolving challenges.

The Client

Energy and Utility Skills help employers in the energy and utilities sector attract, develop and maintain a sustainable, skilled workforce through specialist services. They offer membership, assurance services and skills solutions to help employers attract, develop and retain a sustainable skilled workforce.

The Brief

Turquoise Thinking were commissioned by Energy & Utility Skills to conduct a ‘horizon scan’ report on the various challenges facing the gas networks industry and its workforce over the coming years.

Research Approach

Our research centred around a comprehensive literature review of available academic papers, reports, articles and interviews from industry experts to ascertain the scale, difficulty and timescale of workforce impacts.

We followed this market research phase 10 depth interviews conducted with industry experts representing 6 gas network organisations.

Research Outcomes

While the current role of gas networks will likely change over the coming years, existing skills will remain valuable and largely transferrable with upskilling required for heat network and pump installation.

The key difficulty will be the ability to upskill at a fast enough rate to keep pace with the ambitious growth outlined for heat networks.

Decarbonisation challenges are likely to exacerbate what is an existing shortfall in skills that are crucial to the transition. The workforce will require new skills, upskilling and retraining in hydrogen storage and safe handling.

These challenges also present workforce opportunities with the industry requiring an appropriately skilled and agile workforce capable of responding efficiently.  

Key stakeholders in the research believe EU Skills is well-placed to use their influence and network to unify parties both in and cross-sector and to define the qualifications and standards of training required.

Turquoise was able to provide EU Skills with a comprehensive set of research insights around skills requirements and future planning, the role they need to play in the transition, and some deep dive recommendations into further areas of research.

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