Here’s what a few people said about us…

A great agency providing robust and actionable results. We have used Turquoise many times for research with healthcare professionals and customers and have always been pleased with the results. We trust Turquoise to deliver the results we need and like the fact that they offer innovative solutions.
Melanie DumelowMarket Research Executive
I have worked with Turquoise recently on two established key pieces of research for our organisation and on both projects the team were able to take the research forward resulting in valuable additional insight and analysis. The team are also very proactive and a pleasure to work with.
Emma LinkResearcher
Once you start exploring your customers to the depth that Turquoise do, you’ll never look at them in the same way again. I believe the level of insight that Turquoise has provided us through their research approaches has really delivered new understanding about not only how our customers are motivated when buying a new car, but also about how best to reach them with tailored communication messages. Fresh thinking and sound data, a rare combination but certainly what I’ve experienced from Turquoise.
Paul EvansBrand, Research & Consumer Insight Manager
Partnering with Turquoise has radically changed the way we market to our customers. We embarked on a segmentation project which has had a significant impact on our business increasing member engagement by 35%. Turquoise have been a pleasure to work with; their insight, experience and expertise helped us to develop our customer marketing strategy and give us real insight into the behaviour patterns that exist across the different segments. I would highly recommend Turquoise to any business looking to enhance their marketing and communications strategy.
Emma CharlesworthCommunications Manager
Our relationship with Turquoise has spanned a number of decades. They know our business and the sector as well as anyone. Their work is a cornerstone of our business planning.
Sally MillsHead of Customer Relations
The fact that we still use the student segmentation model today that Turquoise first created for us in 2008 is testament to its insight and validity. We continue to value their approaches and ability to visualise important information.
Maria Luisa RossHead of Programmes and Insight
I have conversations with Turquoise that I don’t have with other agencies. They help me articulate the problem and potential solutions.
Ian WheelerHead of Research and Evaluation
Turquoise were great to work with and were helpful throughout every stage of the process. The briefing process was very easy and Turquoise were able to give expert advice to help develop the brief and methodology in a way that made the final product more useful to the University. The final report also drew out key conclusions with the audience in mind and explained concepts in terms of clear actionable insights. The presentation they delivered was also very worthwhile as staff members were able to ask questions and translate the findings into their everyday work. I would be very likely to consider Turquoise in the future for similar pieces of work and be very happy to work with them again.
Phil DaveyMarket Insight & Research Manager
Turquoise conducted our first in-depth market research project. The results have been very thorough and have helped us to better understand our users and non-users and to plan how we can reach more people in the future. The team at Turquoise are very professional, helpful and efficient and I would recommend them.
Beth O’SullivanCommunications & Marketing Manager
Laura and Lisa from Turquoise proved highly skilled at organising the project and executing all the different stages. The insights they delivered really helped us make the best decisions possible with confidence in the data. They proved to be flexible and accommodating without compromising on the quality, validity and reliability of the insights. Thank you both for all the hard work!
Gilad RavitzMarket Insight Officer
Turquoise helped us get to the bottom of a tricky problem that was holding us back as an organisation. They were very responsive, professional and got to grips with our needs quickly, providing a rapid turnaround on the insight we needed. Their online data portal was also really useful.
Maurice Tse-LeonDigital Engagement Manager