Food and Drink Market Research

Helping food and drinks brands stay ‘front of shelf’ for thirty years

We all love food and many of us enjoy the odd drink or two. As a market research business we are no different! Turquoise have decades of experience working with clients who want to explore new food concepts, develop brands and open new avenues into this ever-expanding sector.

Who we have worked for in the food and drink industry

Turquoise client Muller Wiseman

The range of food and drink on offer to today’s consumer, is mind boggling. We are now able to both buy and source a cornucopia of food products from every corner of the world. The concept of choice is amplified by the internet. Consumers are more conscious than ever about what they put into their bodies. This is evidenced by the moves to more, ‘clean eating’, ‘free from ranges’ and ‘raw’ foods.

Whether it is delving into the psychology of chocolate desserts for Nestle, or helping Coca-Cola understand wet and dry channels, moving a traditional cold and cough remedy into the chewable gum sector for Wrigley’s (Airwaves), or evaluating the experiential nature of drinks for European holidaymakers for Malibu, we are able to offer both traditional and innovative new research solutions for food and drink brands.

Do you need a bit of turquoise in your business?

Providing critical development insight in the multi-choice food and drink sector is why brands and manufacturers come to Turquoise. Our experience and trend projects continue to assist our clients to identify changes in the market and stay ahead of the game, and we’d be delighted to find out how we can help you do the same.

Our work and insights in the food and drink industry