Market Research for Charities

In addition to our work in the public and private sectors, we partner with charitable organisations in the third sector.

In addition to its private and public sector work, Turquoise works closely with charitable and not-for-profit organisations, bringing its full-colour insights to help them make a difference where it matters.

Our work across public and private sector businesses such as utilities, education and healthcare inevitably means that at Turquoise, we find ourselves researching, studying and discussing a whole range of subject matters. Some of these can be sensitive in nature, or topics that involve those members of society who are more vulnerable. Others are simply in areas such as finance or health that people are not always willing to discuss. 

Who we have worked for in the Charities sector

This know-how and experience, gained over the past 30 years, has placed us in a perfect place to gather data and deliver insights to organisations working in the charities sector.

At Turquoise, we understand the challenges that charities and voluntary organisations face in conducting market research, not just in terms of budget restrictions, but also with regard to understanding public perceptions.

Sector overview

We never cease to be amazed by the mass generosity demonstrated by TV-driven events such as Children in Need. We have also noted the growing trend in individual funding sites such as Captain Tom Moore’s JustGiving page, which raised £33 million. 

The latter is an example of the growth in personal funding and represents a real challenge to traditional charitable giving. The opportunity for individually targeted funding is having an increasing effect upon funding for charities and is an area where insights from market research can prove invaluable.

However, in counterpoint to this, there’s no avoiding the fact that these are difficult financial times. The National Council for Voluntary Organisations published its report “The Road Ahead” in January 2022 and discussed the economic pressures, such as escalating fuel costs, that lead to both increased demands on charities and reduced donations. 

You can read more about the latest trends in the charities sector in this blog post.

Forthcoming UK events in the Charity sector

Better Society Awards

9th May 2024

London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square

The Charity Awards 2024

9th July 2024

Royal Lancaster Hotel, London

Third Sector Awards

20th September 2024

The Brewery, London

Our work covers many audiences

Our work in the charities sector covers audiences from every angle, including the following:

  • Volunteers
  • Staff / Stakeholders
  • Patients and carers (e.g. in hospices)
  • General public
  • Chronic illness sufferers
  • Social housing residents
  • Vulnerable groups such as at risk register customer, low income families and state pensioners

Being a smaller market research agency allows us to have the agility to offer cost-effective tailored solutions. By working flexibly with our clients, we can be sure to produce the best possible output and insights. Our experience covers both qualitative and quantitative research and pans both ad-hoc research with more specific audiences, as well as public perception tracking.

At Turquoise, we have our own in-house Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing team (CATi). This means that where we have conducted quantitative charity public perception and awareness research, we can monitor any issues as they arise and be proactive in the solutions that are implemented. We ensure that there is a constant dialogue between the project managers and the CATi unit supervisor to constantly monitor each and every project or survey and optimise its effectiveness.

Another important tool in any area of market research is the Turquoise Game Changer. This uses the latest in big data analytics to get the maximum in insights from the vast quantities of data that are available in the internet age. 

Do you need a bit of turquoise in your business?

Whether it be an awareness and perception study, development of a communication strategy to support and develop your organisation, or how best to launch a charity appeal, we are sure we can help and would be delighted to hear from you.

Our work and insights in the Charities sector

We are proud to have worked with a wide range of charitable organisations up and down the country, including the National Trust, Prostate Cancer UK, St Margaret’s Hospice and many others. Read some of our case studies to learn more.

You can also find a range of resources and useful information about the latest news and developments in the charities sector on our blog.