System DNA

Achieve significantly deeper levels of understanding by unlocking customer motivations and linguistic styling.

System DNA is the study of sub-conscious motivations and linguistic style. It has been co-developed by Turquoise and our associates, Dr Janice Russell and Dr Graham Dexter – Fellows of the University of Lincoln.

System DNA uses elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming as-well-as modern and traditional psychology to add a significantly deeper level of understanding when applied alongside Turquoise’s other research approaches. All respondents can be profiled using System DNA simply by adding 4 or 5 questions to your questionnaire.

Many leading firms benefit fromTurquoise System DNA

Can System DNA benefit your business?

System DNA profiling will provide you with the optimum communication style and linguistic format that would need to be adopted in order to elicit the greatest level of behavioural change or engagement from any communication with your customer.

In other words, System DNA will provide you with a granular level of insight into how to ensure your communication and messaging matches the profile of your key target groups. This will become integral as you develop your communications strategy with key audience segments.

Goal orientated

Some people go on holiday to get some sun, relax, see somewhere new, explore different cultures, etc. In these cases, people seek to achieve a particular goal from their holiday.

Avoidance orientated

Others decide to go on holiday because they want time away, or to get away from the stress and strain of their job or daily life. In these cases, people want to avoid or get away from something.


Now let’s imagine your objective is to reach out to young people in a language and style that will engage them with your brand… Let’s say you want to communicate with secondary school students and their parents about careers advice and guidance:

Understanding that young people aged 14 to 18 engage with careers advice communication because they are either goal or avoidance motivated will help you to utilise appropriate messaging that matches the profile of the core audience.

‘Goal and avoidance’ is just one element that we explore. System DNA will reveal the optimum linguistic and communication style to use with each of the target groups.

Turquoise System DNA research is used on an ongoing basis by many of our clients who integrate our research work with their business planning and strategy. If you are an existing client of ours or a business that is completely new to us, we would love to explore how focus groups might deliver value to your firm.