Turquoise Game Changer

Game Changer is a revolutionary suite of qualitative research tools for the analysis of narrative text.

What is Turquoise Game Changer?

The growth and popularity of social media, forums, email and customer surveys has produced a plethora of narrative data. Whether it’s feedback, complaints or comments, this narrative data is where the clues lie for really understanding what your customers think and feel about your products and services.

Game Changer from Turquoise marks a key change in how we can access and process high volumes of verbatim comments to unearth the main concerns of our customers or staff. Understanding these frustrations provides the best opportunities for innovation and improvement.

Turquoise Game Changer works using a set of specially developed lenses, keywords and themes, which are used to distill and categorise any volume of text-based data. Imagine having top-level knowledge right through to the most granular text analysis possible, all at your fingertips for the very first time? What’s really special about Game Changer, is its ability to help you discover improvement opportunities from the comments you are analysing. It’s this feature that turns your research into game changing insights for your organisation.

Superb analysis. We had a high level understanding of most of it, some was new, a real wake up call… But it’s the granularity of the analysis that will take us to the next level and allow us to improve customer retention.
CEOInternational Insurance Company

Find improvement opportunities for your products & services from narrative data.

Identify where customers are experiencing issues so that they can be addressed.

Refine and distill any volume of text-based data into actionable insights.

Access themes, keywords and verbatim comments all on one dashboard.

Turquoise Game Changer draws on cutting edge research methodologies which have been developed over many years of hard work. The most recent text analytics algorithms paired with the human brain ensure that contextual and language nuances are correctly interpreted.

This provides real depth of insight which is more granular, more accurate and importantly, more actionable, giving our clients a competitive edge that virtually no other market research company can provide.

Turquoise supports many leading firms

Many of our clients see Turquoise as a long term partner, playing a key role within the client’s business planning and strategy, rather than as a short-term research contractor. If you are an existing client of ours or a business that is completely new to us, we would love to tell you how Turquoise Game Changer can unlock the true potential of your narrative data to help your firm stay ahead of the pack.